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Evergreen Café sits in Archers Gate in Amesbury, Salisbury and is run by husband and wife, Brett and Rufaro Mavunga.

about us

The perfect dynamic-duo, Brett is a former chef for the army and has trotted around the globe picking up recipes on his travels. Rufaro is a qualified nutritionist and cook. Together we have whipped up an innovating menu, bringing explosive, international tastes to wow your taste buds in this real food café.

We were blown away when told by Wiltshire Council that we won the contract and immediately got to work on our ‘vision’ of a happy, warm, community café.

Sitting under the 61 independent-living apartments, we are fully disabled-friendly, dog-friendly, and provide highchairs too. We welcome everyone to our café, from young families to older teenagers looking for somewhere to hangout, from new mums needing a place to chat to perhaps a family dinner following an afternoon exploring Stonehenge.

We have a children’s area, with toys to entertain the little ones, and they are free to roam and play, too. With an outdoor area for the summer and a large space in the café, we have the facilities to cater to a huge number of customers. It was the perfect choice to be the base for the community of Amesbury.

In line with supporting our community, we share any customer generosity in the form of tips, with our chosen charity, Serve On. []

We want to be the place you go when you want to get out and feel part of the life of Amesbury. Come and discover our lovely town, whether you’re from down the road at Durrington or Old Sarum, or further afield; we’d love to host you at any time.

Evergreen Café is where you can feel truly immersed in the community. With thriving activities happening throughout the week, there is always some way you can get involved and meet your neighbours in a relaxed and social environment.

latest news

We’re Back!

It's been a good while, hasn't it! Honestly, with the whole Covid situation, working hard each and every day to make sure continue to provide quality food to all you amazing customers, updating the blog became a bit difficult to fit in. Buuut, we're back at it again...

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Evergreen’s 1st Birthday

Evergreen’s 1st Birthday

Thank you to everyone who came to our first birthday party this month! We wouldn't have been able to make as much of a success without all of you. Close to 120 people came to show their support for us; we even ran out of tea cups, mugs and nearly of chairs, there were...

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Africa comes to Amesbury

Africa comes to Amesbury

On the 25th May, we brought 'Africa Day' to our cafe in Amesbury. We're always offering great fresh foods, but this time, we thought we would offer a taste from our home country. It was so lovely to have all of the local people with us enjoying a grand selection of...

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The Evergreen Cafe arrives in Amesbury

The Evergreen Cafe arrives in Amesbury

Our doors are open, our regulars have made themselves at home and the kitchen is in full swing. The Evergreen Café has settled itself in nicely. We’re enjoying this journey even though we were given the go ahead only weeks before it was due to open, and we think we’re...

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9 AM - 5 PM


9 AM - 5 PM

Dogs are very welcome

We welcome well-behaved dogs (we may even have a little treat for them). Fresh water is always available.


01980 677128 | 07447 617764 | 07473 594760